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GVRL e-books activated in SFX

I just received KBART reports for all our schools for Gale’s Virtual Reference Library. The activation in SFX just completed and here are the numbers of entries for which the dataloader script found a match, by institute (location):

  • 57: 2,230
  • BB: 2,639
  • BC: 2,289
  • BM: 2,487
  • BX: 2,284
  • CC: 2,264
  • CL: 2,264
  • GC: 2,264
  • GJ: 2,264
  • HC: 2,285
  • HO: 2.332
  • JJ: 2,284
  • KB: 2,384
  • LE: 2,275
  • LG: 2,431
  • ME: 2,365
  • NC: 2,230
  • NY: 2,507
  • QB: 2,395
  • QC: 2,266
  • SI: 2,460
  • YC: 2,266

In addition I learned that the titles from Scribner Writers Online and Twayne’s Authors Online [XLS] were also included in the KBART report and they are also part of the GALEGROUP_DB_VIRTUAL_REFERENCE_LIBRARY target. So any of the title we license from these two collections would have been activated as well.

While these titles are active in SFX now, they won’t be updated in OneSearch until new Google Scholar holdings are created. I will take care of this by Friday.


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