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New video for new OneSearch UI

When we first introduced OneSearch three years ago, OLS also released a video providing an overview of the tool. Now that we’re about to roll out a brand new interface, we’ve created a brand new video!

Please feel free to share this video with colleagues, students, and anyone else who may be new to OneSearch—or to the new UI!

New look for OneSearch!

Tablet and phone with new OneSearch UI in browserIf you haven’t already heard, OneSearch is getting a facelift! In the fall semester, OneSearch will have a brand new user interface following a CUNY-wide rollout in late August.

The librarians serving on the OLS Public Services Committee have been working on the new UI over the last few months and we are eager to share our work with you! If you haven’t seen it already, take a look at your college’s instance of the new OneSearch interface:

Take this opportunity to get familiar with the new design. Notice how the interface is cleaner and the searching experience calmer. Content is displayed only when you need it. We really think you’re going to love this new design!

If you find anything amiss, please get in touch with your library—who will, in turn, inform the local Public Services Committee representative. The summer months will be dedicated to refining the new design before it goes live on Friday, August 25, 2017.

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Missing ebrary titles

The Office of Library Services has recently seen an uptick in reported problems with ebrary titles showing up in the CUNY Catalog and not showing up in OneSearch. We have been in communication with the vendors (ebrary and Ex Libris) and think we have identified the problem.

In a nutshell, for subscribing to ebrary Academic Complete, we were given access to two complimentary collections: College Complete and Public Library Complete. These titles appeared in the ebrary platform but were never activated in the Primo Central Index (PCI) or SFX for discovery in OneSearch. We activated the collections in both places last week (on 2/15/17) and that seemed to have resolved most of the reported access problems—but not all of them. There are still some titles not showing up in OneSearch.

In talking to the ebrary vendor, we found that there are fewer titles in the SFX targets than there are in the collections: College Complete is short 1200 titles and Public Library Complete is short 1900 titles. They think that there was some problem with a metadata file sent to SFX and they are trying to resolve this issue. They have assured us this is a priority (as this would affect all College Complete and Public Library Complete subscribers who use SFX as their link resolver, not just CUNY). Once this is resolved, all centrally-licensed ebrary titles will appear in the OneSearch platform.

In the meantime, we may also be missing MARC records for these complimentary collections. We’ve been receiving monthly additions to these collections but they have been in the batches with the Academic Complete records and, again, we believe the numbers of records do not match up with the numbers in the SFX targets. We will work with the vendor on this as well; however, we think this will take more time and, in the meantime, are making the discoverability of these titles in OneSearch a priority.

If you have any questions about this topic, please contact your ERAC and/or SFX Committee representative. (The latter will be discussing this issue at its next meeting on Thursday, March 9, 2017.)

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Popular OneSearch Searches: March 2016

The following is a list of the top OneSearch search term at each campus (and the CUNY-wide OneSearch instance) between 03/01/2016 and 03/31/2016, organized by the number of times the query had been searched at that library:

  • “social media” (275)
  • 50 essays (169)
  • “thirty years war” (112)
  • jane austin (103)
  • phillips “urban social work” (86)
  • “gun control” (84)
  • room key (83)
  • adhd / children / education (79)
  • the irish holocaust (63)
  • carolyn rovee-collier (61)
  • social mobility / united states (57)
  • factory workers (54)
  • souls of black folk (43)
  • soylent green (38)
  • water (37)
  • poverty / poor / accountant* (31)
  • youth video games (26)
  • college readiness (23)
  • english only (18)
  • asian american career development: a qualitative analysis (10)
  • america dancing (7)
  • “cambridge associates” (4)

(The slashes indicate that the keywords were entered into individual search boxes on the Advanced Search screen.)

When we performed the top search in that library’s instance of OneSearch, we found some interesting audiovisual material, including a lot of news coverage about the role of social media during natural disasters (such as Hurricane Sandy) and social revolutions (such as the Arab Spring).

If you haven’t explored all that OneSearch has to offer, what are you waiting for!?

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