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CUNY Academic Works in OneSearch

Did you know that you can find and read the full text of CUNY Academic Works in OneSearch?  The following example is in the CUNY OneSearch view, but you can do the same in any school’s view.

Perhaps you’re interested in Gentrification in New York City and want to see what CUNY has contributed.

On your search results page, go to the filter section at the left to find the Source/Collection filter (in the mobile view, it’s the Filter options link at the top of the results).

Search, results, and filters

Click on the plus sign and there will be an option to filter for CUNY Academic Works. While we’re still growing, you probably need to click on Show more at the bottom of the collapsed Source/Collection list.*

Top 5 collection filter options > > > Expanded collection filter list

As I’m writing this, there are 3 results, all dissertations.  Two can be opened in OneSearch on campus (off-campus, you can download them after logging in).

The third is “embargoed.”  That means that it has been blocked from publication online for a period of time.  You can still read it, but until it is released online, you would need to get the print version from The Graduate Center library.

Are you wondering, why are all the results from The Graduate Center?

Right now, CUNY Academic Works contains works from The Graduate Center and from the CUNY Office of Library Services because these 2 were the first to start contributing.  More schools are on the way and much more full text content will become available as those CUNY schools contribute their academic work.

For more information about CUNY Academic Works, please go to http://academicworks.cuny.edu/about.html.

And don’t miss Jill Cirasella’s blog post about downloads of CUNY’s academic works from all over the world! (Graduate Center Research Impact: Pin Drops Keep Falling on My Map!)

* If your search results ONLY contain CUNY Academic Works, then you won’t see the Collection filter.

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