CUNY Academic Works Monthly Report: March 2017

A snapshot of CUNY Academic Works

A snapshot of CUNY Academic Works

During the month of March, CUNY Academic Works grew by 164 new items, received 48,355 new downloads, and reached a new milestone! Almost two years since the soft launch of CUNY Academic Works in March 2015, content was downloaded over 500,000 times. This number only continues to grow as CUNY-generated white papers, peer-reviewed journal articles, and student theses are downloaded from all over the world.

The five most downloaded works in March include:

  1. Media Representation of Asian Americans and Asian Native New Yorkers’ Hybrid Persona
    Series: Theses and Dissertations at the CUNY Graduate Center
  2. The Growth of Incarceration in the United States: Exploring Causes and Consequences
    Series: Publications and Research at John Jay College
  3. Reframing School Dropout as a Public Health Issue
    Series: Publications and Research at Hunter College
  4. An Analysis of the South China Sea Dispute: Focusing on the Assessment of the Impact of Possible Solutions on the Economies of the Region
    Series: Master’s Theses at City College of New York
  5. Psychosis in Films: An Analysis of Stigma and the Portrayal in Feature Films
    Series: Master’s Theses at City College of New York
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Best Practice when Setting up ILL Accounts in Aleph

The best practice when setting up ILL accounts in Aleph is to set up individual accounts (patron status “32.ILL”) for individual ILL borrowers. Having all ILL loans go out under one individual account is not a good practice for several reasons. For example, it is not technically possible in Aleph for a single account to have unlimited loans. There are several advantages to individual accounts:

  • ILL borrowers (the libraries making the request, not their patrons) would receive all patron notices and billing for un-returned items
  • Borrowing Libraries would have a “bill” or lost materials notices to hand their patrons
  • The notices can be targeted to a specific individuals at the borrowing organizations, for better communication
  • Fewer ILL loans to the same account means one is less likely to hit a ‘limit’
  • Several CUNY libraries may lend to the SAME borrower, but only one account is maintained. The work is thus distributed.

You can get more information, including a sample list of such accounts already set up in Aleph, on the OLS Support Site.

CUNY Academic Works Reaches 500,000 Downloads

CelebrationAlmost two short years since its launch, content in CUNY Academic Works has been downloaded over 500,000 times! These downloads come from every state and every country and represent the local and global impact of making CUNY’s research, scholarship, and creative works publicly accessible to all. As the repository continues to grow, we only expect to see the download rate rise. Stay tuned!


Missing ebrary titles

The Office of Library Services has recently seen an uptick in reported problems with ebrary titles showing up in the CUNY Catalog and not showing up in OneSearch. We have been in communication with the vendors (ebrary and Ex Libris) and think we have identified the problem.

In a nutshell, for subscribing to ebrary Academic Complete, we were given access to two complimentary collections: College Complete and Public Library Complete. These titles appeared in the ebrary platform but were never activated in the Primo Central Index (PCI) or SFX for discovery in OneSearch. We activated the collections in both places last week (on 2/15/17) and that seemed to have resolved most of the reported access problems—but not all of them. There are still some titles not showing up in OneSearch.

In talking to the ebrary vendor, we found that there are fewer titles in the SFX targets than there are in the collections: College Complete is short 1200 titles and Public Library Complete is short 1900 titles. They think that there was some problem with a metadata file sent to SFX and they are trying to resolve this issue. They have assured us this is a priority (as this would affect all College Complete and Public Library Complete subscribers who use SFX as their link resolver, not just CUNY). Once this is resolved, all centrally-licensed ebrary titles will appear in the OneSearch platform.

In the meantime, we may also be missing MARC records for these complimentary collections. We’ve been receiving monthly additions to these collections but they have been in the batches with the Academic Complete records and, again, we believe the numbers of records do not match up with the numbers in the SFX targets. We will work with the vendor on this as well; however, we think this will take more time and, in the meantime, are making the discoverability of these titles in OneSearch a priority.

If you have any questions about this topic, please contact your ERAC and/or SFX Committee representative. (The latter will be discussing this issue at its next meeting on Thursday, March 9, 2017.)

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Subscribing to OLS-managed discussion lists

The Office of Library Services owns and manages 17 library-related discussion lists. They are all listed on the OLS Support Site. Membership is restricted to CUNY librarians and library staff, though some are private and place further restrictions on subscribers.

If you’re newly employed at one of our 31 libraries or simply want to be better informed, you can subscribe to a discussion list by emailing with the following subject line:

SUBSCRIBE listName yourName (schoolName)

* Note that the directory of lists on the OLS Support Site includes list names.

For example, if I wanted to join the CUNY-ILL list, I would send a blank email to (from the email address I want subscribed) with the subject line:

SUBSCRIBE CUNY-ILL Alevtina Verbovetskaya (OLS)

To unsubscribe from a list, the command is similar—but even simpler:


The request will then be fulfilled by a list owner and you will get a confirmation of your subscription.

For more information about library-related discussion lists at CUNY, as well as how to access the archives and interact with the lists, please see the OLS Support Site

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