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Keyboard shortcuts in Alma

There are a lot of good features of Alma, our new library services platform going live in August 2020. However, one feature that is often cited as needing improvement is its UI, which relies heavily on mouse maneuvering and button clicking. To combat hand and wrist fatigue, consider using keyboard shortcuts!

General Alma Shortcuts

Code Description
Shift + F2 Go to homepage
Alt + W Go to fulfillment checkout
Alt + R Go to fulfillment discharge
Alt + P Go to fulfillment task List
Alt + Ctrl + S Go to scan in interface
Alt + Ctrl + U Immediate job
/ Persistence search
Alt + Ctrl + F Search in menu
Esc Close search in menu
Alt + number Tab navigation
Alt + \ Pagination find
Alt + ] Pagination last
Alt + [ Pagination first
Alt + < Pagination prev
Alt + > Pagination next
Alt + B Back button
Alt + N Next button
Alt + E Edit button
Alt + S Save button
Alt + C Cancel button
Alt + X Clear button

This list is available in your user profile, where you can also choose to deactivate specific hot keys (if, for example, they interfere with your other browser or OS shortcuts):

User icon > UI preferences > Shortcuts customization

Alma Metadata Editor Shortcuts

Many of the keyboard shortcuts available in Aleph are also available in the Alma Metadata Editor:

General Navigation
Code Description
Alt + Next page
Alt + Previous page
/ Moves the cursor up/down field by field in a record
/ Moves the cursor to the right/left across the field, subfield, indicator, and content information
File Menu Alt + F
Code Description
Alt + N New
Ctrl + Alt + S Save draft
Ctrl + S Save record
Ctrl + Alt + R Save and release record
Ctrl + Shift + R Release record
Ctrl + D Delete record
Ctrl + Q Exit (without saving any changes)
Edit Menu Alt + E
Code Description
F8 Add field
Ctrl + F6 Remove selected field row
F9 Add sub-field
Ctrl + Alt + E Enhance record
Ctrl + E Expand from template
F4 Generate author number
F6 Split editor
F7 Full screen
Ctrl + F Open form editor
Esc Close form editor
Ctrl + X Cut
Ctrl + C Copy
Ctrl + V Paste
F3 Link to suggested authority record
Tools Menu Alt + T
Code Description
Ctrl + Alt + H Add holdings record
Alt + O Add local portfolio (electronic resource)
Ctrl + Alt + O Create PO Line and exit
Ctrl + M Find matches to a bib record
Ctrl + I View inventory on a bib record
Ctrl + Alt + H Add another holding to bib record
Alt + I Add item
Ctrl + Alt + B From holding, view bib record
Alt + U Update from bib record

Please consult the Ex Libris Knowledge Center for up-to-date MDE menu and toolbar options.

Alma Patron Services Shortcuts

Patron Services
Code Description
Alt + 1 Opens the Loans tab
Alt + 2 Opens the Returns tab
Alt + 3 Opens the Requests tab
Ctrl + Alt + D Same as clicking Done; returns to the Patron Identification page to enable searching for another patron (see Selecting a Patron)
Manage Item Returns
Code Description
Ctrl + Alt + R Return patron items
Alt + Ctrl + L Opens the patron identification page (see Selecting a Patron)
Alt + Ctrl + C Clears the list of returned items
Alt + Shift + X Returns to the Alma homepage

Please visit the Ex Libris Knowledge Center for more information on patron services-related operations.


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