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Serials Solutions MARC records being removed from Aleph this month

As previously discussed and agreed upon by the Public Services Committee, ERAC, and Cataloging Committee, the CUNY Office of Library Services is removing Serials Solutions MARC records from Aleph. This affects only the discovery of e-journals at the title-level in the CUNY Catalog and CUNY OneSearch. These items will continue to be discoverable via your Serials Solutions e-journal portal/A-Z list (which is linked from various places, including your library website as well as the OneSearch interface).

We will be gradually removing approximately 300K Serials Solutions records each weekend during the month of July. The removal and related background indexing are expected to be complete by early August. If we notice significant impact on performance, we will slow down the removal process, thereby pushing the completion date further into August. If this happens, we will send a follow-up notice via CULIBS.

We are removing these records now, ahead of our migration to Alma, to facilitate the implementation and testing processes of the new library services platform. Title-level e-journal records will be available again via CUNY OneSearch once we are live on Alma.

New ways to search OneSearch

Over the Labor Day weekend, the Office of Library Services added a handful of new fields to the search section of the PNX for records retrieved from the CUNY Catalog: MARC 5XX and MARC 250. (This was determined based on a survey OLS distributed to the Cataloging Committee and Public Services Committee in July 2015.) In layman’s terms? Your users will find more local results in their searches!

In technical terms, we’ve made the following MARC fields searchable in OneSearch:

  • 250: Edition Statement
  • 500: General Note
  • 501: With Note
  • 502: Dissertation Note
  • 508: Creation/Production Credits Note
  • 511: Participant or Performer Note
  • 522: Geographic Coverage Note
  • 546: Language Note
  • 550: Issuing Body Note
  • 585: Exhibition Note
  • 586: Awards Note
  • 590: Local Note

Users will now find videos when searching for an actor, specific editions of textbooks, items in a special collection, and more! To facilitate this, we’ve also included many more of these 5XX notes in the “Details” tab of each record with appropriate labels:

  • 500 (no special label, other than general “Notes” field label)
  • 501: With
  • 502: Dissertation
  • 504: Bibliography
  • 506: Restrictions
  • 507: Scale
  • 508: Credits
  • 511: Performers
  • 515: Numbering
  • 516: File Format
  • 521: Intended Audience
  • 522: Geographic Coverage
  • 525: Supplements
  • 530: Other Formats
  • 533: Reproduction
  • 534: Original Version
  • 536: Funding Source
  • 538: System Requirements
  • 540: Use Restrictions
  • 545: History Notes
  • 546: Language
  • 547: Former Title
  • 550: Issuing Body
  • 555: Finding Aids
  • 580: Related Works
  • 581: Publications About This Work
  • 585: Exhibitions
  • 586: Awards
  • 590: Local Note

In the following example, you can see one of the results for the query “Fraud and Swindles Collection” in the John Jay instance of OneSearch:

Screenshot of JJ OneSearch results page for query "Fraud and Swindles Collection"

Note that the “Local Note” field is not only searchable (as it came up for our exact phrase search) but is also displayed. In this way, users will know that they can search for other records in a similar way.

We hope these enrichments to the display and searchability of CUNY Catalog records in OneSearch will greatly improve the experiences of your students, staff, and faculty! Please let us know if you have any questions or concerns.


June 2022
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