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New look for the CUNY Libraries website!

With help from our friends in the CUNY Office of University Relations, the Office of Library Services’ website is now looking better than ever!

CUNY Libraries' redesigned website

Not only is it more visually pleasing, but the content has been revised and the site tree trimmed. It should now be easier than ever to peruse the website and find the information you need, such as the Office of Library Services’ contact information, links to CUNY-wide e-resources, and information about the individual CUNY libraries.

On top of that, the website is fully responsive, too, so it molds to the constraints of your device! Further, it has been redesigned with accessibility in mind so it is now more navigable and practical for all of the site’s many visitors. (We average about 18,000 visits a month—that’s 640 visitors a day! Now everyone will be able to make the most of the website.)

If you come across any problems, please do not hesitate to the contact the CUNY Service Desk.

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