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Popular OneSearch Searches: March 2016

The following is a list of the top OneSearch search term at each campus (and the CUNY-wide OneSearch instance) between 03/01/2016 and 03/31/2016, organized by the number of times the query had been searched at that library:

  • “social media” (275)
  • 50 essays (169)
  • “thirty years war” (112)
  • jane austin (103)
  • phillips “urban social work” (86)
  • “gun control” (84)
  • room key (83)
  • adhd / children / education (79)
  • the irish holocaust (63)
  • carolyn rovee-collier (61)
  • social mobility / united states (57)
  • factory workers (54)
  • souls of black folk (43)
  • soylent green (38)
  • water (37)
  • poverty / poor / accountant* (31)
  • youth video games (26)
  • college readiness (23)
  • english only (18)
  • asian american career development: a qualitative analysis (10)
  • america dancing (7)
  • “cambridge associates” (4)

(The slashes indicate that the keywords were entered into individual search boxes on the Advanced Search screen.)

When we performed the top search in that library’s instance of OneSearch, we found some interesting audiovisual material, including a lot of news coverage about the role of social media during natural disasters (such as Hurricane Sandy) and social revolutions (such as the Arab Spring).

If you haven’t explored all that OneSearch has to offer, what are you waiting for!?

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