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CUNY Academic Works in bepress Archive

The Office of Library Services is pleased to announce that CUNY Academic Works now offers increased preservation via a new service, bepress Archive.

Content on bepress platforms has always been protected by an infrastructure that includes multiple backups as well as long-term storage with Amazon Glacier. These services will continue, but by adding Amazon S3 (Simple Storage Solution) via bepress Archive, the Office of Library Services will no longer receive quarterly archives of content to store on local servers. Instead, we have a real-time archive of all content on an industry standard-platform that provides 99.9999999999% file durability, performs checksums for data integrity, and uses redundant data to repair any corrupted files. These additional features are especially important as researchers across CUNY look to submit their research products—including their data—to CUNY Academic Works in order to comply with mandates from federal and private funding agencies.

For more information, please see the blog post on the DC Telegraph or contact the Office of Library Services. You may also be interested in Amazon’s video promoting its service:

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