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Problem? Check out the OLS Knowledge Base or open a ticket by emailing support@cuny-ols.libanswers.com.

What to Do When an OLS Managed Service is Not Available

In the event that any of the services OLS provides is not available—and you’ve not received any specific announcements from OLS or CIS—please check the OLS Systems Status page that, at a glance, will tell you if a service is running or not. There will be cases when a service indicator shows green (available) but from your particular campus or location outside of CUNY the service is unavailable, as a local factor might be the cause. No matter where the outage is experienced, please create a ticket (work order) with the CUNY Service Desk (service.desk@cuny.edu). Always let us know where you are experiencing the problem (i.e., on- or off-campus).

The Office of Library Services (OLS), CUNY’s Office of Computer & Information Services (CIS), and our primary systems vendors monitor and employ (365x24x7) internal alerting mechanisms for critical processes within CUNY Libraries’ ecosystems (Academic Works, Aleph [GUI/OPAC], CORAL, EZproxy, OneSearch, SFX) so, in most cases, we’re already aware of a problem and are working with our partners to restore services.

Please follow these steps when encountering a system or service that appears to be down:

  1. Check for announcements/notifications from OLS/CIS via CULIBS-L
  2. Check the OLS Systems Status page
  3. Create a ticket (work order) with the CUNY Service Desk

If you have never created a support ticket (work order) to report a service interruption/down system, it’s super easy! Just send an email to service.desk@cuny.edu and copy aleph-team@cuny.edu.

NOTE: We require that you copy aleph-team@cuny.edu during system outages!

The subject of your email should contain three parts:

  1. The unavailable OLS service/system (e.g., Aleph, Primo, SFX, etc.),
  2. Your two-letter OWN code or library name, and
  3. A brief summary of your problem.

The body of your message should describe the problem as well as provide a screenshot or the exact text of the error message, if there is one. Please also let us know whether you are on- or off-campus.

Here’s an example:

To: service.desk@cuny.edu
Cc: aleph-team@cuny.edu
Subject: Aleph: LE – Staff (GUI) Clients not Connecting to Server

Service Desk,

We’re unable to connect to Aleph from the Circulation Desk here at Lehman Library. We’re getting a “connection refused” error message. The PC is connecting to the Internet, however, as we’re able to view the library web pages and the Aleph OPAC.

Thank you,
Lenny L.


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